What we do

Antleron makes medicine fully personal

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Ecosystem projects

Antleron offers project-based co-development of regenerative products by bringing in leadership, know-how, expertise and ideas. 

We merge these assets with complementary core technologies of partners that bring in industry-ready raw materials (such as stem cells, 3D-biomaterials, biologics and bioreactors), while targeting specific applications and markets for cell-based products.  

Antleron’s ecosystem projects turn these raw materials into robust, socio-economically viable and patient-specific regenerative products, which address targeted but unmet (clinical) needs in a sustainable way.

Living implants

Antleron has various co-development platforms, which specialise in biologically active implants that can be tailored to the needs of each individual patient. 

One of our key platforms uses electrospinning, 3D printing and bioreactors to transform cells and biomaterials into an engineered extracellular matrix. 

This matrix will contribute to living implant manufacturing as a generic but customisable building block.   

Collaborative innovation

Hub 4.0

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